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The world is being bombarded with more and more information.

But today’s key decision makers and investors don’t want more information, they want more understanding.

That’s where Visual Capitalist comes in — over the years, we’ve used our data-driven, visual approach to help explain the world. And this year, we’re excited to have released our second book: “Signals: Charting the New Direction of the Global Economy”.

Why Buy in Bulk?

In the past, we’ve received large orders from different companies and organizations who find our books to be the perfect gift for clients. We’ve decided to incorporate bulk orders in our product line to make the buying process faster and easier than ever for this very reason.

Additional Features:

  • Customizable book jackets that fit with your brand’s logo and colors
  • Folded panel to secure cover and protect book from damage
  • Inside front cover panel includes personalized note and company logo
  • Bulk order pricing

If there’s a specific number of books you’d like to request in bulk for your clients, friends or whole extended family – please contact us directly at [email protected]


Introducing “Signals”

“Signals” is a beautiful hardcover book built from scratch by the Visual Capitalist team with one specific aim: using our data-driven approach to show simple and clear takeaways on the trends that will define the next decade of the global economy.

The book is organized to highlight roughly 30 distinct “signals”, that can help in piecing together the future direction of the economy, society, and markets.

Each signal covered in the book comes with:

  • A graphical road map to explain how it came to be
  • A data-driven dashboard that highlights pertinent and relevant data
  • An indication of the signal’s overall strength
  • Supporting charts and data visualizations that put each signal into perspective, showing its potential impact on the global economy

Note: Orders may be subject to additional customs duties depending on delivery location.

You can order the book from this page, or go to Kickstarter to learn its backstory. 

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